Don’t Waste Money on New Carpets

Don’t Waste Money on New Carpets

Save big with our carpet repair services in Colorado Springs, CO

Is your carpeting in good condition with the exception of a few problem areas? Are you thinking about ripping it out and starting over? You may not need to. The carpet repair services provided by Cardiac Cleaning & Restoration LLC in Colorado Springs, Colorado are designed to make your carpeting look new again.

If your carpet suffers from rips, tears, burn marks or pet damage, don’t waste your money replacing it. We’ll patch and repair your carpet so you can avoid the cost and hassle.

Call us today to discuss your carpet repair needs.

Is your carpet wrinkled and loose?

It’s a fact: most carpets start to ripple and loosen after just six months. If you’re starting to notice creases in your carpeting, call Cardiac Cleaning & Restoration in Colorado Springs for carpet stretching services. We’ll make your carpets look new again by:

  • Pulling up your carpet
  • Cutting the carpet to fit your room better
  • Stretching and reinstalling your carpet

You’ll love the difference a smooth, ripple-free carpet will make at your home or business.

Contact us today so we can get to work rejuvenating your crumpled carpets.